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Joke I Like

A friend shared the below with me. — Do you exercise this way to slim down? We ‘Jump‘ to conclusions. We ‘Throw‘ our weight around. We ‘Twist‘ the truth. We ‘Stretch‘ the lies. We ‘Bend‘ the rules. We ‘Push‘ our luck. We ‘Lift‘ our egos. We ‘Run‘ from tough situations. […]

You Mad Isit! (Humor)

While out shopping with my wife in Otaro in Hokkaido, Japan this evening, we saw these red Snoopy panties on display prominently in the ladies section. “You dare to wear these panties?”, I asked her. She replied, “You mad isit!”

We Can Accept 3 Defects (Humor)

A Singapore customer and his Japanese supplier… Customer: I want to order 10,000 cameras. We can accept 3 defects. Supplier: Arigato, we will deliver your order as per your schedule. 2 months later, the supplier calls the customer… Supplier: We had shipped out your 10,000 cameras. We also delivered 3 […]

Three Meals A Day

A female returned to the clinic after one week. The doctor asked the female patient “You had not recovered. You looked weaker and tired. Apart from taking the medication, I advised you to have 3 meals a day. Did you?” The female patient shouted back “What did you say? Your […]