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Keeping Our Hair Happy

I invited Wang Yan, a beautician friend from Hainan Island to my house for dinner yesterday. She shared with me and my wife the importance of brushing our hair… with a wide toothed comb. She said brushing our hair should be our number one hair routine daily. We will keep […]

Never Too Old To Mentor A Young Intern

Yvette Chow, a 16 years old student intern from St Joseph’s Institution International, spent one week internship at Blue Ocean Systems from 17-21 June 2013 during her mid-year school holidays. She got first hand experience attending project discussions, webinar, participating in sales presentation and customer demonstration, and writing meeting notes. […]

NS Is A Part of Singapore Identity

National Service is a part of Singapore identity. Since Singapore began citizen conscription in 1967, NS has become ‘a universal rite of passage for every male citizen’, no matter what their race, religion or social background. Everyone stands on an equal footing. We live, eat and train together. We overcome […]

One-Eye Dragon Syndrome

I heard about One-Eye Dragon syndrome from PM’s National Day Rally speech. Basically it means seeing only the negatives, quick to criticize, like to complain, but slow to notice positives, ignore good actions and forget to count your blessings.

Mother is Best. 妈妈好。

Let us take some time today to honour our mothers and grandmothers. God’s Word speaks highly of mothers who raise children and guide their families in a righteous manner. We read in Proverbs 31 how a virtuous and godly wife and mother is honoured by their husband and her children. […]

Singapore Faces Growth Headwinds

Today’s headline in The Sunday Times read “Tharman warns of sluggish global economy“. This warning was no surprise to me. Few days earlier, I blogged on Global Economy Likely To Slow For The Rest Of The Year. A spade is a spade. Personally, I heeded the warning that Singaporeans should […]