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World Cup 2018, Semifinals

The ball is round. Argentina, Germany and Brazil were knocked out. The dream of Ronaldo, Messi and Suarez to lift this Cup for their countries was dashed. France, Belgium, England and Croatia are left in this competition: France vs Belgium England vs Croatia Which two teams will trump and enter […]

World Cup 2018, Quarter Finals

A week ago before the start of the knockout stage, I posted that that I would like to see Argentina, Brazil, England and Croatia reaching the semifinals, and the possibility of a Brazil vs England final. A week later, three of them remain in the last eight. Argentina is out. […]

Coming From Behind

Two days ago I read a short article “Coming from Behind” on LinkedIn by brother Albert Sim. In it, he wrote that a salesperson has to be competitive. Even if someone won this time, we must not loose our spirit because we would have gained useful insight and experience to […]


My ex-boss in UK just shared this with Smile and Affection, I am sharing it with all you also with Smile and Affection… As we grow older, and hence wiser… We slowly realize that wearing a $300 or $30 watch – they both tell the same time. Whether we carry […]


我记得大约2年前,当我妻子出差时,一天晚上,我正在睡觉… 我转过身来,我看见一位穿着红色睡袍女人睡在我身边。没见她的脸只看到长发就醒来了。一敞开眼睛,我在抱着抱枕。原来是一个梦。😢 上周我妻子又出差了,并将于下周返回。昨天晚上,我又做了一个可怕的梦。 停我的车后,我从车里出来,马上看到我车前轮胎上有长头发丝。 没有怀疑什么,我蹲下去细看。轮胎背后有一个女人头… 我惊呆了,倒在地上😥。没见到脸,在这一刻,我就醒了。 为什么妻子不在身边,女鬼会进入我的梦呢?😜

Post-GE2015, Towards A Better Singapore

It’s known that “Sing-ka-por-lang” like to complain and we complain alot. At the same time, we are also very kiasi, not to mention kiasu. All seats were contested in GE2015, “kiasi-lang” triumphed over “complaint-lang” because I believed many were afraid of a freak election result. It is the reverse of […]

The Reflection Of A University Student Intern

大学生实习的反思:6个月过的很快,今天是Jacob Tan在公司的最后的一天。多一年他就能毕业了。祝他学业有成。 Jacob Tan is a university undergraduate having a 6-month intern with Blue Ocean Systems. Today is his last day of internship. I wish him success in his studies and future endeavor.👏  


这照片是在文昌小姨家拍的。照片中的“文昌”鸡即将下蛋。当时让我想起我6,7,8岁时,我开始喜欢吃半熟鸡蛋。和小姨家人分享午餐时,我公布了这小时候的故事。 我童年成长在小村里。家里没养鸡鸭。但我的邻居有哦。从这鸡下蛋故事中,你能看到我童年有淘气的一面。 当时我一看到一只母鸡要下蛋时,我会悄悄跟着母鸡到它的巢去。然后在附近等着。鸡一下蛋,我马上把蛋偷去,跑进厨房,把蛋打入杯中,随即把蛋往口里吞下。这时那蛋白和蛋黄还是温的。当蛋流进喉咙时,给我有一种纯粹愉悦的感觉。 运气好,很开心又吃了一粒免费的鸡蛋。运气不好就会听到邻居阿嫂大喊“海南嫂啊…妳儿子又偷吃我一粒蛋。” 这时麻烦大了。如果妈妈在家,她一定手里拿着一只藤,从房间走出叫喊着“椿啊,你为什么又学偷东西呢?” 当然,我跑啦!但是母亲不笨,她知道我会回家来。最后我仍然被她鞭打。从此我又偷了几次,被鞭多次。妈妈为了停止儿子偷蛋的习惯,每天准备儿子的早餐时会加上两粒半熟鸡蛋。 我个人鸡下蛋的故事就这样结束了。


We all know that ASAP is generally an abbreviation for As Soon As Possible. Today, I learnt from Pastor Eric Kwan that ASAP stands for Always Say A Prayer. These days we all carry smart devices and enjoy taking selfies, wefies, photographs and posting them. How about Always Snap A Photo.