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You Have A Pig Brain

Avoid scolding others “Stupid, you have a pig brain”, “You have a bird brain”. The next time someone scolds you like that, kindly smiles back and says “Aiyoh, how come you are insulting the pigs and birds!” Beware! The next time you scold others like that, you will be seen […]

Rule Of Thumb

A conversation between a mother and her young child was overheard over breakfast. Mother: Son, do you know what “Rule of Thumb” means? Son: Mum, before I can answer it, whose thumb are you referring to? Mother: Ehh…

Three Meals A Day

A female returned to the clinic after one week. The doctor asked the female patient “You had not recovered. You looked weaker and tired. Apart from taking the medication, I advised you to have 3 meals a day. Did you?” The female patient shouted back “What did you say? Your […]

Baby Fishes Sucking Juice

A father bought a pair of fighting fishes. Soon this pair bred many baby fishes. One afternoon, the father bought a small package of live worms. He asked his son for a razor blade. The son asked: “Why do you need a razor blade?” The father replied: “I needed it […]

Humor: Who’s More Stupid?

Two friends, James and John, rented a boat and fished in a lake every day. One day they caught 20 fish. James said to John, “Mark this spot so that we can come back here again tomorrow.” The next day, when they were driving to rent the boat, James asked […]

Lower Your Income, Pay Less Tithe

A story was told of David, a young professional. He had just started his career and was earning a monthly income of $2,000. One day he approached his pastor saying, “Pastor, can I pray to God for my career advancement? For that, I promise to pay my 10% tithe with […]

Humor: Teacher and Student

Teacher: This essay on your dog is, word for word, the same as your brother’s. Student: Yes, teacher, it is the same dog. Teacher: I would like each one of you to write the longest sentence you could compose. A bright student wrote: Life Imprisonment! Student: Eight copycats sat in […]


一个团友晚饭后问导游,“从这里到达酒店需要多长时间?” 导游回答说,“骑马半小时。” 旅游巴士花了10分钟到达酒店。 团友再问导游:“我还以为你说一个半小时。” 导游笑着回答说,“我说骑马半小时。你骑着马吗?”