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The 1st Apple

Someone sent me the below. Credit goes to its source. The oldest computer can be traced back to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Surprise! Surprise! It was an Apple. But with extremely limited memory. Just 1 byte. Then everything crashed. 😜

Joke I Like

A friend shared the below with me. — Do you exercise this way to slim down? We ‘Jump‘ to conclusions. We ‘Throw‘ our weight around. We ‘Twist‘ the truth. We ‘Stretch‘ the lies. We ‘Bend‘ the rules. We ‘Push‘ our luck. We ‘Lift‘ our egos. We ‘Run‘ from tough situations. […]

You Mad Isit! (Humor)

While out shopping with my wife in Otaro in Hokkaido, Japan this evening, we saw these red Snoopy panties on display prominently in the ladies section. “You dare to wear these panties?”, I asked her. She replied, “You mad isit!”

We Can Accept 3 Defects (Humor)

A Singapore customer and his Japanese supplier… Customer: I want to order 10,000 cameras. We can accept 3 defects. Supplier: Arigato, we will deliver your order as per your schedule. 2 months later, the supplier calls the customer… Supplier: We had shipped out your 10,000 cameras. We also delivered 3 […]

Post-GE2015, Towards A Better Singapore

It’s known that “Sing-ka-por-lang” like to complain and we complain alot. At the same time, we are also very kiasi, not to mention kiasu. All seats were contested in GE2015, “kiasi-lang” triumphed over “complaint-lang” because I believed many were afraid of a freak election result. It is the reverse of […]


你们听过这个故事吗?看完后会有什么反应呢? 有一位男士。有一天他对妻子说:“当我死了,妳必须把我所有的钱和我埋葬在一起。” 他要她把钱放在他棺材里。以为她会履行他的最后遗愿,他也没有再提起此事。 这个男人是一个真正的小气鬼。在他的职业生涯,当他真正需要时,他才舍得花钱。他把所有的钱存在一个小鞋盒里。 当他最终离开了人世,他的尸体放置在棺材里。他的妻子和她好友坐在他棺材旁边。当仪式正要结束,棺材即将被覆盖时,他的妻子说,“等一下!”。 她走过去,把小鞋盒放在棺材里。她的朋友问她,“妳疯了,真是愚蠢把全部的钱放进去!” 她回答朋友说:“是的,我必须保持我的诺言,我是一个好基督徒,我从来没有违背承诺。我数了他所有的钱,把钱放进我的银行账户,并给他写了一张支票放在鞋盒里!” — 这个故事的寓意:金钱本身并不邪恶。但贪财是万恶之根。我们裸体来到这个人间,也会裸体的离开这个世界。