Randomly Awesome (iPhone Photo), 01.05.2017

Today is Labour Day, an extended rest day over the weekend.

Woke up early, my wife and I drove off to Labrador Park arriving in carpark C1 (see photo View 01 below) at 8:15am, opposite the entrance to the Labrador MRT station.

View 01: Map of Labrador Nature Reserve.
View 02: The entrance to Labrador MRT station (Location A in photo View 01).

We were to meet up with a few best of friends from Class 4/1 for a leisurely hike in the Labrador Nature Reserve. It has been 42 years since we graduated from our secondary education in 1975. While we kept in touch at least once every year, this was the first time we were gathering for a hike.

The route we took was relatively short and relax. We had ample time to take photos especially the beautiful coastal scenaries. You can complete this route in less than 2 hours. However, I would recommend that you plan for a late breakfast in Keppel Island midway through. If so, it will be 3 hours to complete.

Our route commenced at Location B (see photo View 01 above), walking along the shady Berlayer Creek Boardwalk to Location C. From here we took a right turn towards the Beacon at Location D and proceeded towards the Jetty at Location E. You should be able to reach the Jetty in about 30 minutes.

View 03: The Dragon’s Teeth Gate.
View 04: A first group photo overseeing Fort Siloso in Sentosa.
View 05: Sea view across Fort Siloso in Sentosa.
View 06: The Beacon at Location D.
View 07: One of the Machine Gun Posts.
View 08: A beautiful sea view with Pasir Panjang Terminal on the right and the refineries across in Bukom Island.
View 09: A second group photo at Location E.

We did a U-turn at Location E and walked back to Location C. We then proceeded along Bukit Chermin Boardwalk along the coastline towards Location F (see photo View 10 below).

View 10: Map showing the route from Location C to F and G.
View 11: The Reflections by the Bay.
View 12: Another close-up view of The Reflections by the Bay.
View 13: The scenic view along the route to Location F.
View 14: The former Keppel Shipyard versus the present. The Reflections by the Bay in the background. This view was taken from Location F just up the bridge along Keppel Bay Vista.
View 15: Keppel Bay Vista running over the bridge to the Keppel Island linking Location F to G. About 150m long.

The walk from Location C to F took about 30 minutes. At this point, we decided to take a break and to refresh us with much needed water and how about delight us with good food… hhmmm… late breakfast. We walked across the bridge towards Location G… and ended up gathering in Prive Cafe in Keppel Island.

View 16: Enjoying our drink and light breakfast in Prive Cafe in Keppel Island (Location G).

After drink and our tummies partially full, we were all set to walk back to our starting point at Labrador MRT station. (In fact, if you want to extend your hike beyond Location F, you can continue along the coastline and walked towards the Singapore Cruise Centre and VivoCity. This will take another about 20 minutes to reach there.)

On our way back to our end point, we took more photos.

View 17
View 18
View 19: A final group photo.

It was good time well spent with best of friends. Thank you Lord for a wonderful weather. God bless all of you. Bye!!!

Randomly Awesome (iPhone Photo), 20.04.2017

I attended the SME Day 2017 in the Resorts World Convention Centre on 20 April 2017. During lunch time, I managed to have a quick 30 minute walk around the location. I have these photographs to share.

View 01: In front of Universal Studios.

View 02: In front of a fountain with Merlion in the background.

View 03: The Merlion.

View 04: The two mechanical cranes for the Sentosa Crane Show in the night are housed in the enclosure.

View 05: Overseeing the Singapore Cruise Center, Keppel Harbourfront and Singapore Cable Cars.

View 06: The luxury tall ship – Royal Albatross.

Hainanese Chicken Rice Roll

Being a Hainanese, I love chicken rice. But I have never tasted Hainanese Chicken Rice wrapped in roll before. This one at Creatures at 120 Desker Road is really shioked! I can confirm the chicken in this roll is definitely not from the red light district.

My Scorecard: 7.0

Poached chicken and fragrant rice rolled with cucumber ribbons and rice paper served with homemade chicken rice chili, sesame soy sauce and spring onion-ginger dip.

Randomly Awesome (iPhone Photo), 02.01.2017

Today was the second day of 2017. I was at the Keppel Harbourfront (behind VivoCity) with my wife spending a relax cooling stroll this morning and enjoying the beautiful harbour view.

View 01: Sentosa Gateway, the bridge that connects Singapore to Sentosa.

View 02: Sentosa Gateway

View 03: Sentosa Gateway

View 04: Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore Cable Cars

View 05: Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore Cable Cars

View 06: Singapore Cruise Centre on the right

View 07: Singapore Cruise Centre

View 08: Harbourfront Centre, Singapore Cruise Centre, VivoCity

Keppel Harbour has been a thriving maritime gateway for international trade since the late 19th century. It was originally known as New Harbour and was renamed in honour of Admiral Henry Keppel in 1900. During the Second World War, Allied soldiers came through this harbour to strengthen Singapore and Malaya’s defence. Thousands of civilians and troops made their escape through here before Singapore fell on 15 February 1942. Allied commandos carried out Operation Jaywick, successfully destroying seven Japanese ships that were stationed here.