Coming From Behind

Two days ago I read a short article “Coming from Behind” on LinkedIn by brother Albert Sim.

In it, he wrote that a salesperson has to be competitive. Even if someone won this time, we must not loose our spirit because we would have gained useful insight and experience to prepare us for the next competition.

He cited the amazing fight back two weeks ago by the Liverpool Football Club, coming from behind to score the winning goal in the very last minute of the match against Borussia Dortmund winning them a semi-final berth in the Europa Cup 2016. Hurray… Liverpool FC is my favorite football team!!!

Yes, two months ago I lost a SAP Business One deal having worked full-heartedly over a 3-month period to help a customer cleared up their messy situation with their present vendor. To my horror, another vendor quietly came in from behind and snatched this deal from me. This has not dampened my spirit. I told myself I must be better the next time.

Two weeks ago, I got in touch with another SAP Business One opportunity. The prospect (she) told me that she already had 3 proposals and was not interested to meet me. Without disclosing what I communicated with her, I was given a 1-hour make-or-break meeting. I went for the meeting with my consultant and proposed 2 solutions that were totally different from the 3 proposals. At the end of the meeting, she remarked in Hokkien “Swee Charlie!”. I knew straightaway I had her with me. She then asked “When can you send me your proposal!” I replied “Within 2 days, by Wednesday.”

In this meeting, I learnt that one of the 3 vendors was the one who came from behind to win the former deal. This vendor appeared to be leading the pack in pursuit of this opportunity.

To cut the story short, I sent her my proposal on time. She called me on Thursday and said my price was the highest. She commented that she knew I was offering an orange while the other 3 were offering apples. There were 4 parts in my proposal. She asked me to do something to one part.

I sent in my revised proposal the next day with a one-time goodwill discount. But my total price remained the highest. I spoke to her over the phone and advised her to apply for PIC grant for one part of my proposal. She thanked me for the advice. I asked her why she was thanking me. She replied I was the only person to advice her to claim for PIC. Hhmm… I scored a point again. She ended our teleconversation saying she would submit my proposal for her Chairman’s approval.

On Monday, she called to give me the good news. This time round, within a week I came from behind to win this deal… and on my terms.

Thank you to my awesome team. Thank you “Swee Charlie!” 😜

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