Have You Seen The Taiwan Version Of Teh Tarik?

I spotted this man selling Teh Tarik (literally ‘pulling tea’) in the popular night market in Taichung, Taiwan.

Teh Tarik is a hot milk tea beverage commonly available in restaurants, outdoor stalls, kopi tiams Singapore and Malaysia. It’s name is derived from the pouring process of ‘pulling’ the drink during preparation.

It was interesting to see how this Taiwanese man pulled his tea. His tea attracted super long queue.

Taiwanese Teh Tarik stall at the junction of Fengjia Road and Wenhua Road in Taichung, Taiwan.

This is the man in the video.

A bag of Teh Tarik costs NT$40.

I tried the tea. It tasted like Lipton milk tea. Although it was Tarik, the taste of Indian Teh Tarik was missing! 😜

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