Post-GE2015, Towards A Better Singapore

It’s known that “Sing-ka-por-lang” like to complain and we complain alot. At the same time, we are also very kiasi, not to mention kiasu.

All seats were contested in GE2015, “kiasi-lang” triumphed over “complaint-lang” because I believed many were afraid of a freak election result. It is the reverse of a by-election effect. Kiasi-lang may have swung some votes away from the oppositions.

Fast forward… after the GE fever subsides and as we get on with our daily lives, many of us will be complaint-lang again. 😜

But I must say PAP has made changes in their approach towards Sing-ka-por-lang and made many fine-tunings to their policies since GE2011. They deserve this GE victory. 👏 We should allow them to continue with their programmes for the benefits of Sing-ka-por-lang, and that their performance to be accounted for again in the next GE.

Whether you are kiasi-lang or complaint-lang, let’s unite together to make Singapore better. 💪 May God continue to bless our nation, and all of you – Sing-ka-por-lang. 👍🏻

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