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Baby Fishes Sucking Juice

A father bought a pair of fighting fishes. Soon this pair bred many baby fishes.

One afternoon, the father bought a small package of live worms. He asked his son for a razor blade.

The son asked: “Why do you need a razor blade?”

The father replied: “I needed it to cut the worms into smaller pieces to feed the baby fishes.”

After cutting the fishes, the father started to feed the fishes.

The son saw that the sliced worms were only eaten up by the pair of big fishes.

The son said: “Dad, the baby fishes were not eating the sliced worms.”

The father replied: “Son, the baby fishes were sucking the juice!”

The son LOL.

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Charlie Heng

It's my wish to bring Peace and Smile to everyone who reads my blogs. I love all of you. In every thing, give thanks!

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