Yummy Deep Fried Oyster Pancake

In my recent holiday trip to Hong Kong with my wife, my sister in-law and few friends, we were recommended by the hotel manager to try “Bo Chai Rice”. We were told that this is steamed rice in claypot with different ingredients, such as pork, chicken, beef, etc. It is a special dish in Cantonese cuisine. It is cheap and delicious.

Interestingly this hotel manager cannot remember the name of this claypot stall, simply pointing us to walk left down the road for about 15 minutes. He said we would know which one when we were near there, because the stall would be full house with long queue outside.

Four Seasons Pot Rice, 23.11.2013, P01

Outside Four Seasons Pot Rice 四季煲仔飯 on 23 December 2013

As we walked, we saw many stalls along Temple Street serving this “Bo Chai Rice”. And we saw one on Arthur Street (parallel of Temple Street) with long queue. It must be the popular one recommended by the hotel manager. The name is Four Seasons Pot Rice 四季煲仔飯, 46-48 Arthur Street.

Four Seasons Pot Rice, 23.11.2013, P03

At 46-48 Arthur Street

How to get there: Take the MTR, drop at Yau Ma Tei station and use Exit C. At the exit, take a right at the first stall and keep walking until you reach Temple Street. When you reach the end of the block, turn left and the stall will be on the left side.

Four Seasons Pot Rice, 23.11.2013, P04

A peep into the kitchen

Four Seasons Pot Rice, 23.11.2013, P06

What is this chicken feet doing in my claypot rice?

To me, the claypot rice was just “average”. Somehow I felt the claypot rice in Singapore was super delicious than “Bo Chai Rice” in Hong Kong, at least based on the taste in this stall.

However, I especially enjoyed the deep-fried oyster pancake. This dish was made of oyster with flour and duck eggs. What makes it different from the fried oyster in Singapore is that it is deep-fried. When it was eaten hot and crispy with some homemade spicy sauces, you simply felt “shiok” with lots of oysters in your mouth.

Four Seasons Pot Rice, 23.11.2013, P05

This lady was so kind to let me snap a photo of her deep-frying the oyster pancakes


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