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Humor: Who’s More Stupid?

Two friends, James and John, rented a boat and fished in a lake every day.

One day they caught 20 fish. James said to John, “Mark this spot so that we can come back here again tomorrow.”

The next day, when they were driving to rent the boat, James asked John, “Did you mark that spot?”

John replied, “Yeah, I put a big ‘X’ on the bottom of the boat.”

James said, “You stupid fool! What if we don’t get that same boat today!!!”

Author’s Notes:

I do not claim ownership to this joke. I received it from an email. I am sharing them hoping to bring joy and laughter to you – as “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.” – Proverb 17:22.

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Charlie Heng

It's my wish to bring Peace and Smile to everyone who reads my blogs. I love all of you. In every thing, give thanks!

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