Keep Your Eye on the Donut and Not on the Hole

Donut is the subject of the message that Pastor Yap shared with the children in church this morning.

“Who like donuts?” Pastor Yap asked the children. “Me,” shouted a little girl. “I like donuts,” remarked a boy with his hand raised. Indeed many of us love donuts. I love donuts too.

Well, what is so important about a donut with a hole in the middle? A donut does not seem to have much importance, I would have eaten it with 3 to 5 bites and 2 swigs of coffee. But a donut brings out a principle that everyone needs to be aware of.

An old saying goes…

“As you go through life, make this your goal: Keep your eye on the donut and not on the hole.”


Are you keeping your eye on the donut or on the hole?

The donut contains the taste, the substance, the sweetness and the nutrition. What is in the middle ‘the hole’ is nothing. You can only see the hole by looking at the donut.

The lesson to all of us here is to focus on the donut, that is what matters – the rest is just formless space.

In life, we all need to keep our eye on the donut, the substance, the tangible things that really matter – the things that can, and will, make a difference to you and to others. We need to focus on what we have, not what we did not have.

When you have a donut, be thankful and enjoy it. Do not look at the hole and start complaining that it should be chocolate flavored instead, that one is not enough, etc, etc.

Pastor Yap is teaching the children a lesson about living with a heart that is focused towards thinking about abundance rather than lack. He wants them to have an attitude of gratitude. Each one of them must learn to grow up counting their blessings one by one, complain less and be grateful with what they already have.

In conclusion, do not worry about the garbage that drives you nuts or what’s missing in your life. Focus on the donut and life will be good and yummy. When we do it, the hole does not matter.

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