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Business Rocks

Attending Business Rocks, a business networking event, organized by Gina Romero, the Rock Chick Entrepreneur at BluJaz Cafe on March 26, 2013.

Business Rocks, 26.03.2013_P01

Gina Romero

Business Rocks, 26.03.2013_P02

Sagar Choksi, the Magician performing.

Business Rocks, 26.03.2013_P03

That’s me among the networking friends. All eyes on the magic performance.

Business Rocks, 26.03.2013_P04

Sagar connecting business with magic.

Business Rocks, 26.03.2013_P05

Sagar, me, Arun Devan, Gina and Bobby Jimenez.

Business Rocks, 26.03.2013_P06

It’s full house!

Photo credit: Malin Christenson

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