A story was told of David, a young professional. He had just started his career and was earning a monthly income of $2,000.

One day he approached his pastor saying, “Pastor, can I pray to God for my career advancement? For that, I promise to pay my 10% tithe with faith, willingly and cheerfully.” “You can”, answered the pastor. David prayed.

In the first year, David diligently and joyfully paid his $200 monthly tithe. Five years passed, David was married with one child. He was now in a managerial role with a monthly income of $5,000. Although, David continued to contribute his rightful tithe to the church, he was beginning to give it grudgingly. With increased family commitment, David was thinking of reducing his $500 tithe.

David went to see his pastor again, “Pastor, my earthly commitment has increased. Is there a way I can ask God to reduce my tithe to Him?”

The pastor replied, “You prayed and a promise was made to God five years ago. God has answered your prayer. There is no way to break your promise made, unless…”

David was quick to ask, “Unless… what?”

“How about you praying to God again and this time asking Him to lower your income?” the pastor said.