Waving Singapore Flag!

Waving Singapore Flag!

Our nation celebrates her 47th National Day this Thursday.

In the Scriptures we are taught to pray for our nation’s leaders (see 1 Tim 2:1-2).

I pray to the Lord to uphold all office holders, beginning with the Prime Minister and his cabinet, the MPs, including all permanent secretaries and those entrusted with authority to make decisions. May they be just and righteous and serve the nation with integrity, humility, sensitivity, charity, love, competence, and uphold God’s standards.

Singapore faces many and new challenges in this competitive world. I ask God to grant wisdom to our leaders and shower grace, peace and joy to the people in Singapore as we continue to work hard, live harmoniously, and achieve prosperity as One People One Nation.

In becoming the best Christian citizens we can be, I remember where my citizenship really is – in heaven (cf Phil 3:20-21). I am a citizen of heaven living on earth as a citizen of Singapore. As a citizen of Singapore, I ask the Lord to enable me to fulfil my duties as a citizen of Singapore for His glory and honour.

You and I are serving a living God and we live by His kingdom’s priorities. Amen.